There are many exciting things to look forward to about fall - the crisp air, the changing leaves, Halloween, and Thanksgiving being just a few. Fall is also wedding season! With this in mind (and with an eye on trends), we take a look at what fall weddings might have in store for us. From creative themes and decorations that match the season to adapting your wedding plans to fit into the autumn months, there's plenty of inspiration here for all you brides-to-be.

You don't have to go all out with changing leaves or pumpkins everywhere- you can also use an autumnal color scheme for a fall-themed wedding. A fall wedding can be a great way to take advantage of some wonderful colors and textures for your theme. Oranges and reds are some great choices here, but feel free to experiment! There's no reason that brown has to be left out either if you want to make your wedding look more rustic.

Fall is also a great time for harvest and Thanksgiving-themed weddings, or you can incorporate them in your fall wedding theme. You could have pumpkin carving contests or bob for apples at your reception as fun activities, especially if there will be young children attending the wedding. You can even incorporate Thanksgiving food into your menu (after all, it is one of the best parts of fall!)

Speaking of creative fall wedding themes, don't forget to consider decorations! There are lots more ideas for that too, so get creative with your fall wedding decorations. For example, if you want to go for a rustic theme but aren't sure how, try taking inspiration from wedding planner's blogs and brides who upload their ideas online - there are tons of great ideas here that can be used to inspire you.

And don't forget that fall is the perfect time to use those outdoor wedding venues you've been eyeing up all year round. With there the leaves changing color and crunching underfoot, your wedding photos will be that much more beautiful. At the Cowan Historic Mill, there is a stunning patio area perfect for an outdoor experience.

If none of these suits you or don't go with your wedding venue, consider thinking outside the box! There are lots more ideas for creative fall wedding themes waiting to be discovered. Pinterest is one of the best tools for discovering new ideas and creating mood boards for your fall wedding plans.


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