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The wedding and event planning process can be done by ones-self, however, it is very important to keep in mind that a professional vendor makes all the difference! Every detail of a wedding day is special, and it is important that your vendors understand that and know how to execute an event correctly.

Floral and Decor - It is imperative that you hire a team for the decoration and floral design of the wedding day. This vendor provides the flowers, and they will also be the vendor to set up and break down the decor items. If you plan to have DIY items, that is absolutely fine and even encouraged. However, it is not encouraged to do this piece completely by yourself. This job can become overwhelming and exhausting to you in the final stages of planning, and to your family that will need to provide the set up. Hiring a team of professionals takes this worry off of the shoulders of you and your guest on wedding day and leaves you with a sense of calm, knowing that everything is being executed as planned. When you walk into your reception space, you will not regret hiring a professional for the job!

Entertainment - This is a HUGE key to making the wedding day a success. We can not say enough how important it is to have a professional DJ or Band playing at the wedding. The most important reason for this is the communication piece of the wedding. The DJ will be the person speaking to your guest about important announcements and introductions. This person will make sure the flow of the wedding happens correctly. They will also make sure that your big moments are not missed and are spectacular!

Catering - The two things that people remember most about a wedding day is the food and the DJ/music. The number one reason that the caterer is a required item from our preferred vendor list is to ensure that your wedding day is something people remember as a wonderful experience. They will be providing most of your staff throughout the evening. It is very important that we remember that these are the people that will be facing your guest, speaking with kind words, helping when needed, providing assistance, and cleaning. These staff members need to reflect quality and standards. We will make sure that your catering staff and food is perfect with a Cowan Mill preferred caterer!

Parking Options Available:

The Cowan Historic Mill has 70 parking spots available between our personal lot and the lot across the street. We also have access to the spots at the business directly behind The Cowan. There will also be Valet Parking and Parking attendants available upon request for an additional fee.

Provide Rules and Regulations of The Cowan

Provide all vendors with rules and regulations of the venue prior to the day. All wedding venues operate slightly differently. It is important that each vendor is aware of the rules that are set forth in the contracts. We will provide you with this detailed information upon booking.

Parking for vendors: Where they can load in and out; Where to store items during the event

Florist - Items with water, disposing of trash and additional decor items

Caterers - Disposing of trash, Clean up policy (all preferred caterers should know these rules)

Whatever you bring in, you take out - Vendors must come back to clean up their ites unless arrangements are made for another vendor to take care of this item.


Discover where elegance meets history at The Cowan Historic Mill, a gem in North Georgia. Here, every detail is a brushstroke of elegance, turning your special day into a living masterpiece. Your love story deserves a setting as unforgettable as each moment shared. At The Cowan, we craft not just weddings, but lifelong memories adorned with grace and charm. Your romantic chapter, imbued with timeless splendor, awaits.



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