While COVID-19 has certainly disrupted a lot of wedding plans in 2020, the good news is that weddings are still happening. As you’re planning your upcoming wedding, focusing on important details is one of the best ways to make your big day special. Here are some of the biggest trends for fall weddings this year.

Micro weddings 

It’s no surprise that weddings are getting smaller, especially as many groups feel uncomfortable gathering. By offering your larger guest list streaming options through Zoom or another video service, you can still feel connected. Your shorter, more intimate guest list can share your joy in person, with extra attention on making this memorable day extraordinary.

Environmentally friendly decor

Many brides are becoming more environmentally conscious and reflecting those choices in their wedding. They are opting for invitations made from recycled paper and partnering with vendors with a focus on farm-to-table. Some couples are resetting family stones or reusing an heirloom ring, which is a great way to upcycle heirloom jewelry.

Giving back

As many couples are getting married later in life, after they have settled and have most of the necessary kitchen or household items that we often see on registries, we’re seeing an emerging trend of having a charity of choice featured on registries. If you’re considering foregoing the traditional registry and simply setting up a honeyfund, many registry services also match donations and will give to a charity you pick. So much to celebrate!

Inclusive menus

In line with the trend of conscientiousness, many couples are focusing on offering inclusive menus. We’re seeing a lot of requests for gluten free, vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan options on the menu. It’s always a good decision to ensure that your guests feel welcome and included on your big day, since no one wants to go home hungry after a wedding. Our caterers can help you make everyone feel at home at your wedding reception with inclusive meal options that can help avoid food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Jewel tones, bold colors

Heading into cooler weather always means leaning into beautiful fall colors. This year, pastels might be trending well into the fall, with neo mint proving popular for most of 2020. Earthy goldenrods and yellows will pair beautifully with fall foliage, and rich maroons and cassis hues are always popular during the fall.

Whatever style or size wedding you’re looking to host, we can help! Our beautiful new wedding venue combines modern touches with southern charm and we have a long list of preferred vendors who can turn your wedding dreams into reality.


Discover where elegance meets history at The Cowan Historic Mill, a gem in North Georgia. Here, every detail is a brushstroke of elegance, turning your special day into a living masterpiece. Your love story deserves a setting as unforgettable as each moment shared. At The Cowan, we craft not just weddings, but lifelong memories adorned with grace and charm. Your romantic chapter, imbued with timeless splendor, awaits.



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