Looking picture perfect on your wedding day is a must. Once you’ve spent all that time getting ready, especially if you’re hiring a professional makeup artist, you want your makeup to stay put in the Georgia heat. With highs in the 90s for most of August and September, keep these tips in mind for your upcoming summer wedding.

Creating a good foundation for your makeup is the most important first step. Cleansing your skin thoroughly and using a good toner is crucial to making sure your makeup won’t move, even if you start “glistening” for your outdoor photos.

A good primer is always important to help your makeup apply evenly and last throughout the day. Even if you’re not used to using a primer for your everyday makeup look, it’s worth investing in a good primer for your wedding day. You’ll be grateful for it when your makeup doesn’t budge when your groom is feeding you cake.

High quality lip stains are also a great way to keep your lip color in place, especially when you’ll spend a lot of the day kissing for the camera or as your guests toast you. Try out a couple before your wedding day to see how well they last.

Consider ditching your liquid foundation for a mineral foundation option. If you happen to start sweating, your makeup will keep its matte look and won’t run.

Your wedding day is likely to bring out your emotions. Whether or not you expect to shed a few tears during your vows, it’s better to be prepared with waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You don’t want to have racoon eyes walking back down the aisle.

If you’re planning to do any outdoor photos, setting spray or translucent setting powder is a must for finishing step. These makeup products will create a barrier effect, which will keep your makeup looking its best, no matter if you bring the heat on the dance floor.

We all know that Georgia summers are infamously warm, so prepare to keep your makeup looking its best, so that you can look your best on your wedding day. Call us today for recommendations of great makeup and hair artists in the area who we trust to bring out our brides’ natural beauty.


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