The Cowan Weddings

The Cowan Historical Mill is the perfect place to host your wedding, wedding reception, bridal shower, rehersal dinner and any event related to your wedding. The unique history of The Cowan Mill creates a wonderful atmosphere for your guests! Invite your guests to experience one of the oldest venues in Cobb County!

Bullock Flynn Wedding

October 17, 2020

Photos by Teia Whaley

Koontz Farley Wedding

September 26, 2020

Photos by Mint Forever Photography

Carbonneau Alfonsin Wedding

July 18, 2020

Photos by Rose Bowman Photos

George Ammons Wedding

June 27, 2020

Photos by Danielle Moore Photography

Dunlap Williams Wedding

June 26, 2020

Photos by Luna Lee Photography

Gondek Crawford Wedding

June 20, 2020

Photos by Eva Cranford Photography

Gilbert Tolbert Wedding

June 6, 2020

Photos by Luna Lee Photography

McCoy Etheridge Wedding

December 21, 2019

Photos by Kaitlynn Rost Photography

Roland Walker Wedding

November 16, 2019

Photos by Queen Media Co.