The Cowan Historical Mill Is The Perfect Place for a Your Wedding

The Cowan Historical Mill Is The Perfect Place for a Your Wedding

We love weddings from the heart! That’s why we encourage our brides and grooms to truly plan for what their dream wedding will be like. At the Cowan Historical Mill, we would be honored to host your wedding right here! 

It can be very tricky trying to please everyone in your family, so we have written a list of things that we typically see as a happy compromise between the couple and their families. These items seem to be less controversial and can easily be decided between the bride and the groom.

1) Writing Your Own Vows. Often times, today’s brides and grooms want to write meaningful vows themselves instead of saying traditional vows. There may be some members of the family that want you to go with a more traditional route but is widely accepted to add a personal touch and read or say your own to your new spouse. The people in attendance love hearing it, and it is often an emotional moment between the couple. 

2) The First look. It can be hard trying to decide whether or not to do a first look with your bride or groom. It is such a special, intimate moment but it also detracts from that first moment of walking down the aisle. We encourage you to follow your heart on choosing whether to do this or not, but a lovely compromise we have been seen from the photographers is taking a few photos together while blindfolded, or standing close together with a wall between you. That way you can still calm your loved one’s pre-ceremony jitters without spoiling the dress reveal.

3) The Wedding Planner. Many times, the wedding planner is chosen by the bride and this is not a problem for anyone. The parents of the bride allow her to decide. At the Cowan Historical Mill, when you get married here, your wedding planner can be part of the package. This is a great way to make sure that all the details are taken care of and assure that you get an experienced wedding planner to coordinate the events of the day. 

Ultimately, whatever you choose, we are here to support you and make your dream wedding come true! We want you to enjoy your wedding and leave the rest to us