Weddings for Millennials | Best Wedding Venues in Acworth, Metro-Atlanta, Cobb County

Weddings for Millennials | Best Wedding Venues in Acworth, Metro-Atlanta, Cobb County

Weddings have always been traditional affairs. For generations gone by, ceremonies have followed a fairly standard formula. That has included bride and groom fashions, venues, the reception menu, and of course those bridesmaid dresses.

Those times are certainly changing. Couples in their 20s and 30s, affectionately known as Millennials, are changing the world! This includes modern weddings. How a modern wedding is planned and how the actual event looks does not compare to how it was 20 or 30 years ago! Millennial couples may now have nontraditional wedding parties, alternative food items and/or beverage options, and even how the wedding is paid for. As young couples discover exactly how much planning is involved in the wedding, they always decide to add a little of their personality in the reception or wedding ceremony. Making it unique and different is now expected!

The Cowan Historic Mill is the ideal venue for a wedding that may not fit into the typical mold. The century-old building will provide a historic and unique backdrop for those pictures that are sure to be all over social media. The wedding venue, which was originally a functioning mill, is a spacious and beautiful location that will be comfortable for couples (and their guests) who may not want to be in a more “traditional” setting. This location is ideal for someone that loves a vintage feel and wants to make all age groups feel comfortable.

The history of the building, the old brick walls, and the exposed beams will look amazing in your photos! The hall can be staged with back lights, string lights or flowers to set the mood.
Come see The Historical Cowan Mill and tour our facility as an option for your wedding. A wedding here is sure to leave a lasting impression for all those involved. The Cowan Historic Mill is certainly the venue to host such a ceremony. Call us today and let the planning begin!